Medicaid Information

All states must offer former foster children uninterrupted Medicaid coverage until they turn 26, as long as at least one of the following is true:

- They were in the foster care system and received Medicaid benefits on their 18th birthday.

- They aged out of the foster care system with Medicaid coverage after they were 18 or older.

In order to keep your Medicaid coverage, make sure to keep your address up to date so they can continue sending your insurance cards.

After you leave foster care, you will have to register with Medicaid in your own name and keep up with any changes to your account.

Each year you will be sent a Medicaid Recertification Letter. The letter will ask if anything has changed, such as your address or a change in your incarceration status. You will need to let them know if anything has changed. If nothing has changed, you will still get services. You can also update your address online at:

Ohio Medicaid provides coverage in OHIO ONLY. If you move, go on a trip, or get treated outside of Ohio, your Medicaid will not cover you.

*In the event that you require medical care and are without insurance, some other financial assistance may be available through the hospital where you receive care.

There are many different programs that will help you pay for various medical expenses. The benefit bank can help you with anything from pediatric help to helping people with disabilities. By filling out the information on the site, you can find exactly what you are eligible for when it comes to financial assistance.

From the homepage, click “Apply for benefits.”

Use this website:

Search and see if your prescription medication is available to be financially assisted with Medicaid.

Transportation is available through Medicaid* and is preferred over taking an ambulance, unless it is a true emergency. Ambulance rides can cost thousands of dollars, which will heavily add cost to your ER bill.

Most hospitals require you to leave with another person, so it is best to come with a friend.

*Note that you have to call the hotline to schedule your ride a week before your appointment.

Medicaid Transportation Hotline
---- or ----
call the toll free number on your Medicaid card

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